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Vinyasa means movement. There are external movements of the body and internal movements of breath and when linking these movements together (inhale up, exhale down etc.) the movements of consciousness may be harnessed. This facilitates the upward movement of the three bandha. Movement is a universal aspect of nature and occurs on many levels simultaneously.
Vinyasa is improving all function of the body. By supply full oxygenated blood to every part of your body helps you regenerated and gain the energy into your body and strengthen your mind by gently work on each muscle, bones, tendons and ligaments of your body by our scientifically designed flow practices. If you have any health issue, diseases, joint pains, neck issue, back problem, headache, depression, migraine, brain issue and more vinyasa is the best paths you should go for improving your health. Our aim is to provide a better health program to our practitioner's proper weight, toned and strong muscles - good health will automatically come.


Breathing Tecniques in Vinyasa Yoga


What is ujjayi breathing?

In vinyasa yoga we use the ujjayi breathing, ujjayi is a deep ocean sound breathing when you practice ujjayi it creates a soft resonating sound to the back of your thought which help you to cleanse your thought and lungs and helps you to improve your breathing, ujjayi breathing also helps you to create heat in your body and remove all the toxins out of your body through releasing the toxin out of your body, we practice ujjayi in vinyasa yoga so the practitioner can be keep connected with there practice by keeping focusing on their breath.

We can practice ujjayi in three steps;

1 - Deep yogic breathing
2 - Using word (saa) while inhale and (hum)while exhale through your throught
3 - Using word (saa) and (hum) but mouth closed you can practice ujjayi breathing

What is Bandhas?

Bandhas are the energy locks in our body, there is the energy flowing every time out of our body through some organ of the body every time like (eyes, nose, ears, mouth, genitals) so thought the practice of Bandhas we try to absorb the energy within our body and then Bandhas helps to improve our pranic energy and give stability in our body which is helpful to balance our body and mind. There are three types of Bandhas in the human body.

Moola Bandha
(root lock)

In practice of moola bandha, we try to contract our perineum point after inhalation and hold the breath and the bandha as long as possible by the practitioners, you can practice this bandha after the inhalation and after the exhalation helps to activate your root lock which is the first step to open your chakras.

Uddiyan Bandha
(abdominal lock)

The abdominal lock is the abdominal lock, you need to fully exhale through your mouth and empty all your stomach before practising these bandhas, after the exhalation you need to fully suck your abdomen in towards to your spine and hold it according to your capacity then inhale and relax your abdomen, these bandha help you to improve all the abdominal disorders

Jalandhar Bandha
(throat lock)

We practice these throat lock bandha after inhalation and after exhalation. First, you need to inhale and hold the breath as long as you feel comfortable then release during exhalation and then vice-versa. This improves your thorax region, lungs and breathing functions.

Our main Focus to Students

Our flow practices purpose is to give a better understanding of Vinyasa Yoga based on Hatha yoga. Our aim is to prepare the practitioners to be a better and confident teacher. Thus, we focus since the first week on their teaching qualities by giving them easy tasks to teach so you can build confidence within themselves for the last week of your final teaching. Our flows are designed not only to improve health issue and postures but also to improve flexibility, strength and balancing your body and mind. For students we offer: Free yoga teacher training scholarship in Rishikesh

100 hour yoga teacher training

100 Hours Yoga TTC

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200 Hours Yoga TTC

If you are an open mind & an appetite for learning, choose 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course to mastering your skills and grind your yogic style. Vinyasa Yoga teacher training will be a hyper-physical experience which deepen your knowledge about yoga and also your practice. You will learn about all aspects of Indian traditional yoga system and at the end of course you will become a self-confident vinyasa Yoga Teacher passing true yoga knowledge with love & passion.

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Yoga retreat at Rishikesh in the very place of its origin. Here at Rishikesh, we have everything that really matters: pristine Himalayan nature, powerful Ganga river and time for each other. Your soul will feel like in heaven, cause the spiritual energy here is very high. We design this Vinyasa yoga retreat as a holistic excursion where you detox yourself from the stress of the digital world. This method combined with yoga practice will rejuvenate your body and mind.

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