Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Program

We are an internationally acclaimed school of learning genuine Yoga with homey atmosphere where we believe in understanding is more than just learning things.
We was established with a mission to: “Spread the love to the world by passing true ancient knowledge of yoga.'' Since our operation, we have been successful in training hundreds of students, who are now taking the heritage of yoga to the next generation.

Yoga is a beautiful gift from Universe given to us to join & connect our soul to supreme soul and also connect each other - is a powerful tool for creating our Vinyasa yoga family worldwide, be the one because We are One!

At Sarvodaya yoga school every human on Earth can enjoys the benefits of yoga in pure and traditional form. Each student is polished to become a wonderful teacher through own intensive transforming experience.

Each pass out student is now revered for knowledge and display a moral duty to pass truth knowledge of yoga and spice it up by your own experience. This is a true essence of yoga and the mark it leaves on people. Everyone is warmly welcoming to join our courses as they will help them fulfill their human potential.

Class Breakdown


Acroyoga brings irresistible option how to enrich your ordinary yoga practice. Is young and popular kind of yoga combines Thai massage, acrobatics and of course yoga. This physical practice bring into yoga class even more fun & help build trust between a partners. You can enjoy the primary three types of roles: base, flyer, and spotter so she never gets boring. Acroyoga improves your strength, flexibility and techniques. Acrobatic yoga having also therapeutical results of deep level of relaxation.

Ayurveda massage

Ayurveda massage

Enrich your yogic teacher skills by traditional stress release massage also known as Abhyanga massage as part of Ayurveda classes. Like a yoga teacher you can create from yoga session a delightful yoga therapy which your clients will absolutely love it. Abhyanga massage is very meditative and has many benefits. It helps to remove toxins from skin and bring balance back into body. As a giver of massage you have the ultimate advantage to help your clients even more...


Combo of Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga

Hatha yoga history

Hatha yoga is one of the famous limb yoga and all other yogas are based on Hatha. Hatha yoga is very important science and in ancient times practitioners of this yoga practice for long period of time to raise the level of the consciousness, raise the lower mind to the higher mind. The meaning of the Hatha yoga was a balance physical and mental body as well as technique of purification. Word Hatha come from two sanskrt words HA represent solar force in our body, THA represent the moon force, the passive force of the body. Hatha yoga is process bringing the balance between these two flows, these forces. The whole subject of Hatha yoga come prices with purificatory techniques Shatkarma. Later on the thinkers wanna make this entire Hatha yoga acomplete science of yoga they added few more things in that like practice of physical postures, force yourself into asanas, pranayama breathing techniques. Mudras and bhandas, mantra, meditation and others was also added into subject of Hatha yoga to acomplete science of yoga to raise, awoken different chakras to bring the balance between Ida (moon) & pingala (sun) nadies. Once are they balanced, susumna channel can flow with passage of spiritual experience. This is all about brief as yoga as mission of Hatha yoga which you can experience with us.

Vinyasa Yoga History

Vinyasa is a way how to develop the meditative state of mind, state of spirit through movement. VI refer to variations where (place) and NYASA refers to be in a good flow, good manner, good sequence. Vinyasa is not only about good posture in asana is a synchronization between the breath and the movement. Vinyasa is known as a free style yoga because there is possible create your own flow. The linking of one asana to the next vinyasa is the flowing sequence of asana coordinated with movement of breath. It is one that awakens consciousness within ourselves. Vinyasa yoga is the best way how to trains the mind cause as you know mind is always running from one place to another, one thought jump in change in another one.Vinyasa yoga stills the mind from every distractions by continues combination of Ujjayi pranayama (the victorious breathing), the breath movements, band has asana and sequencing is the main focus of Vinyasa, it is the asana that releases the emotions out of the body. Vinyasa will challenging you psychically and physically also. It typically becomes you heated, sweaty, you enjoy the fun with lot of variation and modification designed for each level of student to build and increase strenght, flexibility and balance. Taste the tasty vinyasa flow with us!


Pranayama is generally defined as breath control. But it does not convey the full of meaning. The word Pranayama is comprised of two roots: 'prana' and 'ayama '. Prana means life force or also vital energy. This force exist in everything living or livingless. Pranayama utilized breathing to influence the flow of prana in the nadis (energy chanels carries prana). The word Yama mean 'control' but however this word which is joined to Prana perform pranayama is correct Ayama means extension. Pranayama means extension or expansion of life force energy. The techniques of pranayama allow us to go in higher state of vibratory energy and state of awareness.


MAN means mind and TRA to make free so mantra makes your mind free, free from unnecessary thoughts. Exist two types of mantra Beej mantras (seeds) and Prathra mantra (prayer mantras) with meaning. The purpose of chanting mantra is focus on the sound, be aware one thought = be concentrated. Mantra is a healthy diet for your mind. Mantra is a sacred sound or a group of word in Sanskrit believed by practitioners to have awaken spiritual and inner powers human have, mantra meditations is helpful to reach the higher consciousness. Mantra comes in many forms, mantras are spiritual and helpful for human longing for truth, reality, love, peace, knowledge and for immortality.


Meditation represent seventh of the 8 limbs of Yoga in Yoga in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, a step we called dhyāna in Sanskrit. Meditation has benefits for body and the mind. It will release the stress to feel calmer and feel more at ease in your life. In meditation we find the inner peace. Meditation is a way of life, is a state of consciousness where mind is free from various thought and find the stillness in mind. Meditation can be practiced by various method it can improve your brain and memory and show you the art of living. Meditation refers to a mental or spiritual state that may be attained by such practices, and also refers to the practice of that state.


Yoga philosophy

Introduction of yoga philosophy is a part of yoga teacher training. You will learn what are the principles of yoga, about eight limbs and elements, how to integrate philosophy into your daily practice. As a student you have a unique opportunity to explore how to form question and also help them reach to own answers regarding spiritual and emotional life. Philosophy is connected with every subject what we teach in training, so you will able to understand what does yoga lifestyle means, understand what is the soul of yoga.


Anatomy & physiology

Anatomy & physiology classes gives you a comprehensive overview of what is happening with the human body during yoga practice. Students gain knowledge about anatomy of spine, muscular system, respiratory, joints and skeletal system and much more not only about of human body parts. You will realize how yoga works, understand which asana improve which parts, benefits of it and also get knowledge about yoga safety while doing asana and pranayama practices. This knowledge is what makes a difference between good and the best yoga teacher.


Adjustments & Alignments

In class of adjustment & alignment we make students more aware of the proper alignment and breathing of each asana. We also cover the different ways to move into and out of a pose safely. In each class, students will have time to practice each asana together to deepen their knowledge about how to right correct yourself (or your future student) into the position in asanas.
Hip opening

Forward bends
Backward bends

Twistings asanas


Shatkarma is six yogic cleansing techniques for purifying the tissues and organ systems while bringing harmony in their functioning in the most simple and natural manner. Our Shatkarma class will cover:




What is Basti

What is Nauli