• review vinyasa yoga ttc school rishikesh 200h teacher training
    Vikas is a great teacher and Yogi! His practice is amazing amd hes also nice and funny! Practicing with him is just super cool!Highly recommend!
    Madeleine Ba
    11,Sept 2018
  • review on vinyasa yoga ttc school rishikesh
    I had Hatha-Yoga as well as Alignment and Adjustment with Vikas as part of my training. Vikas is a great teacher that brings out the maximum in you and provides tips and help to get deeper into the postures. Because of his training I was able to achieve so much more in my practise and know how the postures are performed correctly and how I can help people to perform the postures right. Had a great time and huge learning experience at Vinymyasayogattc, which I can truely recommend. Best regards, Stefanie
    Stefanie Maar
    10, Sept 2018
  • vinyasa yoga ttc school 200 h teacher training course
    This is a wonderful school ran by true professionals, I have learned more from Vikas Rawat. He is one of the best at one of the best Yoga schools in Rishikesh. Much Love.
    Steve Schweitzer
    12, Sept 2018
  • I was blessed to learn from the teachers at Vinyasa Yoga ttc during my time in Rishikesh. Vikas was so humble, but as we progressed I started to realise his incredible talent & we were really lucky to have him share his knowledge & experience in class. Tanu was such a pleasure to learn from & has such a beautiful voice for mantra and meditation, I always looked forward to our classes together. All the teachers here have such a wealth of experience through practice, which is what makes them such great teachers.
    Penelope Andrews
    Sept 11, 2018
  • One of the bests in Rishikesh. Vikas, Ashish, and Tanushree are a magic yoga team. They keep yoga in their heart together with a lot of love and compassion. Simple, pure, and talented beings. I totally totally recommend everyone to get in touch with them. You can't regret it, you can't miss it. I love them.
    HItesh Bhat
    Sept 10, 2018
  • Such a wonderful experience in Rishikesh, capital city of Yoga. I fall in love, the place close to the foothills of Himalay mountain was so peaceful. I enjoyed every moment. I felt like a part of family. Teachers are really knowledgeable and few of them are winners of championship in Yoga. I will definetly come back for 300h yoga teacher training. See you soon, Namaste!
    Kristina Novak
    3 Sept, 2018
  • review on vinyasa yoga teacher training in rishikesh
    The great yoga teacher. I love studying with Vikas, he gives all the details and techniques with a very friendly mind.🙏🏻🙏🏻
    Mooyoke Tunn
  • review on vinyasa yoga ttc school rishikesh
    The best teachers I could ever have in my life! 🙏❤️🙌 Super recommend the school, they have so many to share and teach to us!
    Marcela Guardiola
  • Vinyasa yoga ttc is a fully-immersive experience. I left with knowledge that not only has to do with how to be a yoga teacher, but how to just be. Since I left Rishikesh, my life has changed on a fundamental level that can only be explained as pure presence. I highly recommend Vinyasa yoga ttc if you're looking to start a journey of self-discovery, love, and sharing & Enjoy.
    Taylor Rodrigues
    May 23, 2018
  • I'm so glad I choose vinyasa yoga ttc for my 200 hour teacher training. I had a good feeling and the experience matched. The teachers are professional ,kind and engaging. I really benefited form the concise content. I now feel confident with what I've learnt and am enjoying the process of continuous learning at home. Thank you to all the staff for your care and knowledge during my month's stay. I felt well looked after with tasty meals and felt completely safe. We had lots of laughs even though it was physically challenging. The school gathered a great group of students and the experience was truly memorable. Thanks again everyone:)
    Mark Rados
    May 14, 2018