Terms and Conditions


In Our Yoga Teacher Training School you are not just learning yoga, but also learning a way of life, to receive, accept and adopt, become a devoted student and ultimately a yoga teacher.

tick iconSchool expects each student to accept these terms and conditions, and learn to abide by the same.

tick iconSchool strictly prohibits the use of any alcoholic drink, tobacco, smoke, drugs or any substance of abuse, which is harmful to our physical, mental and emotional health.

tick iconAll students should stick to the prescribed curriculum; they should be punctual, and regular in their classes.

tick iconWe advocate for vegetarian and sattvic food and so non-vegetarian food is strictly prohibited in the campus and during the training period. Students would be guided and motivated to have the vegetarian diet.

tick iconAll students of teacher training courses are expected to do Karma Yoga (Voluntary service) once a week for two hours.

tick iconStudents are not allowed to carry mobile phones, cameras, laptop or any recording equipment in their classroom.

tick iconYou will have to pay 200 dollars in advance during the time of booking while the remaining fees would be paid on your arrival in the School. Cash payment of the remaining fees is preferred but if you are paying it through PayPal then you would have to pay 6 % extra as processing fee. You can also pay by Debit/ Credit card but you have to pay 3.6 % additional charges.

tick iconStudents should realize that each person is different so end results of each of you would also differ. Your success in the course depends on your hard work, efforts, your capabilities, and the caliber of your instructor, though we provide the best teachers and instructors.

Discipline and rules 

Yoga is to discipline the body and mind and to adopt the true values of life. These terms and conditions are a step to instill these values in the students and ensure they abide by the same.

tick icon90 percent attendance is compulsory.

tick iconSmoking, drinking, eating the non-vegetarian diet in the premises is strictly prohibited.

tick iconUse of Cell phone is strictly prohibited.

tick iconAppearing in both the theoretical as well as practical examination is compulsory.

tick iconParticipation in Karma yoga is compulsory.

tick iconStudents should inform the concerned person well in advance if you intend to skip any meal/s.

tick iconTeachers must be informed in advance in case you are absent from class or meals due to illness, injury or any other personal issue.

tick iconFor the video recording or photography of any session, it is mandatory to take permission from your teacher.