What is Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga Flow Definition

There are many definitions of What is Vinyasa Flow Yoga. We understand vinyasa flow yoga as synchronization of breathing & movement or variation of good manners, place where you feel good flow by doing a good sequence. Both become from compositions of two Sanskrit words VI + NYASA.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training

Sarvodaya Yoga School is one of Vinyasa Flow Yoga experts in Rishikesh. Founder of SYS chooses to teach vinyasa as the main style of yoga because vinyasa helps him to achieve a positive health effect and he's crazy fell in love with a flow, the liberation that this type of yoga brings to him.

You will certainly enjoy every class during 200-hour Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training and in the finish know well how to create your own original sequences.

If you are new in yoga, don't worry, we take note of you. SYS teacher program is well-designed according to the needs of the individual and the whole group. This is mean Vinyasa flow yoga is for everyone, no matter if you are advanced or beginner, we help you to build and increase strength, flexibility, find a balance and also teach you how to modified vinyasa flow yoga poses.

Vinyasa Flow Sequence Beginner

We realise it can be a bit challenging especially in the beginning of course, but truth is, every class, even if it looks hard to get from poses in to flow, makes you stronger and prepare you to be even stronger than the class before.

Your body will start to ask for next vinyasa flow class, cause the energy you charge after the class creates a healthy addiction of the body on your own flow. This is one of the most stunning benefits for that you can notice immediately after the end of the vinyasa yoga class.

Main Vinyasa Yoga Flow Benefits

As you already know, during vinyasa flow yoga there we focus on synchronizing breathing and movement. So literally it creates a bridge between the body & the mind, developing a meditative state of the mind, so you can achieve connection of both and awaken your consciousness within ourselves. Well, isn't that amazing? Maybe you ask: ,,How is this happening?'' This because you train your mind to be aware of the purpose of what is vinyasa yoga flow by continues combination ofUjjayi breathing. So, your mind stop roam somewhere and you achieve a beneficial state of the present moment, state when you are absolutely focused on one thing - you are in the flow.