Yoga certification

Yoga certification in Rishikesh

Sarvodaya school is fully accredited by YogaAlliance (RYS®), we currently offer yoga certification for 100-hour & 200-hour Vinyasa flowYogaTeacher Training Course accredited by YogaAlliance (RYS®). As a graduate, you will get yoga instructor certification & you will be eligible to register 200-hours of Continuing Education (CE) towards your RYT® 500 registration.

200-Hour RYT® yoga certification

There are two ways how to complete the process of 200-hour RYT® yoga teacher training certification :

  1. Absolve twice1 00-hour YTTC* in one year at same school
  2. Absolve complete 200-hour YTTC in one round

After completion of 100-hour YTTC twice in one year at same school, or 200-hour yoga teacher training at Registered Yoga School (RYS®), you may apply for registration and use of the RYT® credential, provided their training and teaching experience meet Yoga Alliance requirements.

We suggest you gain yoga experience first and then after 2 years apply for registration as E-RYT® (experienced teacher).

Glossary of yoga certification programs

  • RYS®  means Registered Yoga School
  • RYT® means Registered Yoga Teacher
  • E-RYT®  means Experienced Yoga Teacher
  • YTTC* means shortcut yoga teacher training course

How I attain yoga instructor certification?

During the course, we are taking consideration of your:

  • Complete discipline during the stay and learning
  • Showing the commitment to get the best from teachers
  • Your attendance unless you are physically tired or ill
  • Yourbehaviourtowardsthestudents and the teachers
  • Compulsory to pass an exam to get a certificate

Yoga instructor certification contains written and practical exam also

Few words about written yoga exam

The written exam consists of 25 questions in total, covers a few questions from all main subjects: Mantra, Pranayama, Asana, Meditation, Anatomy, Philosophy.  We provide you enough time to write (2-hours). One of the teachers is always present so you can ask if any incomprehension.

At Sarvodaya Yoga School (SYS) we believe understanding and self-experience is more than just learning things. Therefore, our exams are more like a dialogue between student and teacher. So we can also understand how much information we were able to pass on to students, learn from it and improve our skills also.

Now is your turn to be a teacher– practical exam

Last few days we divide the group into two smaller groups, and students will determine their success as they feel. The time duration for your own class is 60 min.

During practical exams, supervisor observing your ability to instruct students in Asanas, Pranayama and Meditation, how you demonstrate correct postures as per your capacity. Then after your practical class, supervisor and students give you feedback and some recommendations on how to improve your class for the future also.

Sarvodaya’s teachers will do the best to make you succeed, there is no reason to be afraid of final exams. From the first day until the end of Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training course we’ve preparing you to pass the final exam successfully as a self-confident teacher. So, you will know exactly, how to create a good sequence, properly adjust, modify postures, lead a yoga class according to rules and moral code of yoga teacher.

Last day of yoga course, you will get results of written exam, forenoon is reserved for feedback, final conclusion, and of course an RYT® 200- hour yoga teacher training certification ceremony. For this occasion, we highly recommend you wear white clothes.

Please note: Prepare one photo (passport size) which we should put on your certificate

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How to Maintain Your Registration with Yoga Alliance

  1. step: Go on YogaAlliance website.
  2. step: Abide by Yoga Alliance Code of Conduct.
  3. step: Abide by the Yoga Alliance Registry’s Policy on the Use of Yoga Therapy Terms.
  4. step: Complete your Continuing Education Requirement every three years.
  5. step: Pay your annual renewal fees.

(If you need any support or have some questions don’t hesitate to ask and mail us on